Jaja is creating beautiful simplicity where there is needless complexity. The credit card experience is about to change forever. 

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Make Simple.

Forget everything you think you know about credit cards.

In a world where you can Deliveroo your next meal or Uber your taxi - why can't you manage your credit in the same way - in an instant, at the touch of a button?

Neil Radley, previously MD of Barclaycard Western Europe, believes the credit card industry needs to change and he invested in Jaja himself; before joining as their CEO. Jaja's credit card is "far more simple, fair and transparent to use for busy people living modern lifestyles.

Our vision

Simple onboarding and instant issuing

Zero fees

Real time control

Manage repayments

Credit sharing

In-app security

A friendly chat based interface that allows you to simply scan your driving license or passport to get approved in minutes.

Real-time transactions, intelligent notifications, intuitive tags and SmartSearch keep you up-to-date on your card activity.

Life is social and mobile. It's your credit, share it with the people you care about it.

Block your card or report it lost or stolen anytime, from the app.

Manage repayments account settings from within the app.

No fees. Not even FX charges when you travel abroad, so long as you keep your account in good order.

We intend for Jaja to be the fastest credit card to sign-up of any credit card in the UK. Built from the ledger up, there is no legacy, which means we've made credit fairer, simpler and easier to manage. 

Here's just some of the things you can expect:

It's in our DNA.

Nordic design principles focus on simplicity and Jaja believe the credit industry requires a major upgrade.

Authorised and regulated by the FCA and principal member of Visa, Jaja have developed a unique range of other innovative consumer finance solutions that you will get to know more about once you have pre-registered.

More to this investment.

Kyrre Riksen

CMO & Co-founder

Neil Radley


Jostein Svendsen

CIO & Co-founder

Per Øivind Elvebakk

Deputy CEO & Co-founder

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